as the title asks What does growing from strength to strength mean ?
A Google search yields meaning for the word strength and not the phrase. [It would be great if somebody can provide URL/search engine for looking for the meaning of such phrases]


During my own lifetime our popular cinema has auspiciously grown from strength to strength

Source : Acceptance speech at the Brisbane Doctorate ceremony

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  • I have now, looks like its not "exactly the right usage" (it should be gone from strength to strength, but I am not 100% sure about that.
    – wadkar
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Progress from one success to another higher level of success. Origin

From the Miles Coverdale's Version of the Bible, Psalms 84:7:

They go from strength to strength and so the God of Gods apeareth vnto the in Sion.
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I think the customary phrase is going from strength to strength, rather that growing... (the former phrase is the one I hear more often and has four times as many Google results, for what that's worth).

Other than that I can't add anything to mplungjan's answer.

  • I have provided the context, so it looks like it is (accidental, if my assume) wrong usage, but the meaning is the same
    – wadkar
    Commented Oct 23, 2011 at 17:03

A Brit Box tv show from England called Escape to the Country says this, “the county has 145 old world trees registered that are growing strength to strength.” Meaning they were incredibly old and they had been declared immune to disease and unusually strong in character and type.

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to gain more in knowledge and to accept things that seem not possible and to add power to meaning of will meaning the will to do and not the wrong way of life to get ahead what won1t kill you can make you stronger=strength to strength

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