I am looking for a word to describer a character's personality. A trait, if you will.

The character in question is

  1. extremely fond of nature,
  2. but, he's not exactly an outdoorsman - no camping, very little hiking, and such.
  3. He enjoys to observe nature, likes to draw nature scenes, and
  4. He's particularly fond of flowers.
  5. He does like gardening and keeps an impressive garden,
  6. but other than that does not spend large amounts of time interacting with nature itself.
  7. He also works as a florist - as my attempt to cement his

    favoritism of flowers.

Can anybody supply me with a word that could sort of cover this type of personality? It doesn't have to be exactly spot on as that might border on impossible, but a word that is at least similar and might cover with some additional explanation.

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  • Why does 'nature-lover' not work? – John Feltz Aug 8 '18 at 19:22

You have listed multiple traits of the person and some of them are contrasting. There is no particular word that describes all the qualities in a person at the same time: enjoys to observe nature, does not like to go out, He does like gardening and keeps an impressive garden, and favoritism of flowers etc.,

Out of these traits, I'll address the trait which you are most interested about:

1. favoritism of flowers:

The word that can be found in standard dictionaries like Oxford online dictionary is:


Excessive or passionate enthusiasm for flowers.

So, the person can be called anthomaniac.

Internet slang for a person fond of flower is anthophile. According to Oxford, anthophile actually means

An insect which is typically found on flowers, or which feeds from flowers.

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