I have this sentence:

This is all I can say.

I have to turn it into a negative statement.

I have tried a few things and ended up with:

I can't say more than this.

Am I right in rewording it like this? Are there other possibilities?

  • Do you mean 'negative' in a grammatical sense? I'm asking because the answer you give is correct grammatically, but means the same.
    – S Conroy
    Aug 4, 2018 at 13:32
  • Transformation means that having same meaning but grammatically negative
    – Ritik
    Aug 4, 2018 at 13:36
  • Ok, then your answer is right.
    – S Conroy
    Aug 4, 2018 at 13:58
  • Is there any other way to do it
    – Ritik
    Aug 4, 2018 at 14:32
  • I'm not sure exactly what you want. Do you need to have 'can' in your answer?
    – S Conroy
    Aug 4, 2018 at 14:35

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This is all I can say

"I cannot tell you more either because I do not know or I do not wish to (do so)."

I can't say more than this


The meaning is the same, and it is now a "negative" [grammar] statement. So, yes, you are correct.

Other ways to do so? While maintaining a "negative" structure:

I can say no more than/of this.

I cannot elaborate any further.

There are no other things to say (on the matter).

  • Surely "I can say no more" and "There are no other things to say" both have a positive structure (although the meaning is negative) since the verbs are positive. "I cannot elaborate further" is negative because the auxilliary verb can is negated.
    – BoldBen
    Aug 6, 2018 at 7:05
  • You, sir, appear to be correct :)
    – tidbertum
    Aug 6, 2018 at 13:00

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