I'm reading a book called "The Immortals of Meluha", wherein a character asks another character: "Why will you not council me?"

Is this a typo? Or am I wrong in that the only appropriate word here is counsel and not council?


There is not a dictionary definition for council as a verb - it seems most likely to be a typo.

However, English is fairly liberal about appropriating nouns as verbs, I am not familiar with the specific source you reference, and sometimes fiction likes to make up words or use them incorrectly on purpose to create a world, as satirized by XKCD.

I could see "council" being used as a short hand for "appointing to a council" or something similar, though unlikely to ever be used to mean a synonym of counsel except in error, and would not be understood as anything but an error without proper context.

Given the word "counsel" fits perfectly in the situation you give, an error is most likely.

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