I've always wanted a term to express people having an overly strong faith in the social system. What I mean by this is when people often seem to think that there is much more thought or study that goes into making decisions, or structuring the world.


  1. When people are amazed or frustrated when they visit a doctor and come away without a named diagnosis or cure, or not understanding that names of illnesses used by doctors are often simply descriptions of symptoms.

  2. Overt faith in cooking times, or user guides as though they are gospel scripture, without common sense or thought to the reasoning behind the instruction might be.

  3. Probably what is being displayed by my assumption that a word exists for such a thing.

Forgive me if I explained this poorly! If a word or phrase does not exist, I'd love if we could coin one.

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    How about "blind faith"? – Hot Licks Jul 29 '18 at 21:34
  • I'm having trouble understanding. Do you want a word to describe a person who believes too easily? Then credulous is a good word, which means like gullible or they'll believe anything they read or are told. Also Hot Licks' answer of blind faith. On the other hand if you mean a person who lives day to day and doesn't wonder how things work, why or how they exist, who live what Socrates called the "unexamined life", then I think lbf's answer is good. Though, I would bet there's an even more specific term. – Zebrafish Jul 30 '18 at 0:48

unquestioning collins (adv: unquestioningly)

To accept something without further verifying or investigating

As in:

If you describe a person or their beliefs as unquestioning, you are emphasizing that they accept something without any doubt or disagreement.

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