Just spotted out a line on a cafe's website. May I ask what does the word "take" mean in the following context? It seems that the usual definitions like getting something/ a shot in dictionaries do not fit in this line. Thanks!

"Our menu includes old fashioned favourites as well as modern takes on creative contemporary dishes."

source: http://www.newlondoncafe.co.uk/

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    I'm not sure that this is the etymology, but the concept is similar to a "take" when filming a movie. Each "take" of a given scene may be from a different viewpoint or with slight changes in the script. The director and film editor would then select the best version.
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take OED

  1. An individual's interpretation or assessment of a person, thing, or situation; a particular way of regarding or understanding something. Frequently with on.

See the definition of take as a noun here:

1 : a distinct or personal point of view, outlook, or assessment - was asked for her take on recent developments; also : a distinct treatment or variation - a new take on an old style

You can see how this is related to some of the verb meanings, eg:

7 a : assume - gods often took the likeness of a human being - when the college took its present form


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