In this song the lyrics read "... So let's uncover me and then let I uncover you..." To me this sounds wrong but i'm not a native speaker and the same phrase is repeated multiple times and the word "I" could have easily be replaced with "me" since both are just one syllable.

So I wanted to ask: can "...let I uncover you..." be grammatically acceptable?

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No, this is grammatically wrong and not even colloquial. But in song lyrics, grammar goes out the window. Correct is “Let me uncover you.” Because the subject is the implied you and object of the verb let is me.


Strictly speaking, no. It should be “me”. However, in the context of this song, using I avoids the repetition of the word “me”. It should be followed by an objective pronoun, rather than a subjective pronoun. Another song that violates this rule is “You and I” by One Direction, which is grammatically wrong.

  • “You and I” isn’t always wrong. What was the context in the One Direction song? – user305707 Jul 21 '18 at 16:29
  • A better example is Hungry Eyes which has the grammatically incorrect line “I feel the magic between you and I.” – Talmage Jul 23 '18 at 4:32

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