When I speak I use a small vocabulary, even though I know a lot more than that. Those words tend to be vague and boring. I know other alternatives for those words, although it doesn't come out naturally. I always resort to those vocabulary that I always use.

Another problem is that I always stumble when speaking. I felt like I don't know how to control a conversation. I don't know how can I make my speech flow smoothly.

Is there anything I could do to improve my natural diction?

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Well, I suppose my advice could help you!

I highly recommend that you record your voice and listen to it. It should be persistent: if you choose a topic today, speak about it again tomorrow, a day after tomorrow, in ten days, in two weeks, and a month later. Every time try to fix your errors and use better vocabulary.

For better words and having a totally rich speaking ability, I recommend you use the dictionary to find synonyms. You can either buy one or google synonyms of your intended word.

I hope you find this useful :)

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