Those cards that you can pay for and you can refill with money, and at arcades/casinos you simply take the card and swipe and you can play. It's like the alternative for inserting a coin and playing.

What are those called?

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    They are often called "reloadable" cards - a synonym of refillable – John Feltz Jul 17 '18 at 20:05

It is a swipe card:

a plastic card that you slide through a machine in order to be allowed into a building, pay for something, etc.
Cambridge Dictionary


Perhaps you mean a prepaid credit/debit card? Some places (notably Costco) call them cash cards.


One name is "stored value cards". This applies to cards used in transit systems such as Toronto's Presto Card and Hong Kong's Octopus Card as well as cards used in certain food courts and such like.