Thank you for your warm and kind support.

This is the continue of the previous question, and I didn't know even the common word "match up" could be a jargon.

This question is equivalent with the transcription. How hard I tried, I can not grasp what he is talking about. However, since the transcription is not basically off topic here, kindly bust it if it perfectly fits with your criteria.

The video is here

Will someone help me what he is saying from 2:06~

"um Philadelphia. Philadelphia, is for me? pretty? MB unknown images? just a different kind of talent other than John Walls...

Thank you in advance even if this is busted.

  • "Philadelphia ... I mean just 'embead' and Simmons is different kinds of talents". No idea what "embead" is here. – Hot Licks Jul 6 '18 at 22:28

He's talking about basketball players Embiid and Simmons.

Philadelphia... Hmpf, I mean just Embiid and Simmons.

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