What characteristics would mark a post as "trolling"? How do you tell?

Why might one post be considered "trolling" and a similar one be considered normal?

In this context, the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines TROLLING as

computing, (informal) send {an email message or internet posting} intended to provoke a response by containing errors or an act or instance of trolling.

Whereas the noun troll

  1. (informal) is a message sent to a discussion group on the internet that somebody deliberately sends to make other people angry: A person who sends a message like this.
    New Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

Here it is seen troll is not known to contain errors whereas trolling contain errors

The question came to my mind after watching a television news broadcast where the news reader referred to trolling and the word troll was said several times. The news was about the exchange of tweets between the cabinet minister Sushma Swaraj and a lesser known interfaith couple. The excerpt below is not a transcript of the broadcast but from the Indian website NDTV

Sushma Swaraj and her husband Swaraj Kaushal have been targeted by trolls on Twitter
…Ms Swaraj -- who has been widely admired on Twitter for helping out people facing difficulties -- is being trolled for days after her ministry gave clearance for the passport of an inter-faith couple and took action against an official who allegedly harassed them.

I will end by saying that only the experts only can decide which post is a troll and which is not.

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    I think it's a question worth considering but I don't think it can have a definitive answer. To me the defining feature of trolling is a matter of intention, the intention to disturb the potential reader, or better many potential readers. I think it's quite possible for a post to be perceived as trolling simply because it disturbs the reader when that was not the writer's intention. – Al Maki Jul 2 '18 at 18:15