We need a term to describe an element with an customizable look (for example, if it's a text, one can customize its font and foreground color). Can we use the term "stylizable" for that?

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  1. Stylizable (see stylize ODO) is a legitimate English word. The word already has an established meaning and usage.

  2. See if your need fits the definition, else choose another term.

  3. From what is mentioned, it seems you need a different term instead. Why not customizable (ODO)?


  • Google Search Engine doesn't show the word 'Stylizable' that you provided, not even in dictionaries like Cambridge and Oxford. – Ahmed Jun 25 '18 at 10:08
  • @IqbalAhmedSiyal Just lick on the link provided. – Kris Jun 25 '18 at 10:11

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