• What do you guess it means?
  • Do you guess what it means?
  • Can you guess what it means?

Question 1. Is there anything grammatically wrong the sentences above?
Question 2. What is the difference in meaning between the above sentences?

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As far as I can tell, these are all grammatically correct; but they imply different questions to me.

-What do you guess it means?

To me, this question is simply asking what a person thinks something means. I would expect an answer like "I think it means this."

-Do you guess what it means?

This way sounds more like asking whether or not they guess, rather than what they guess it means. This would imply a "yes" or "no" answer.

-Can you guess what it means?

And this question seems to be asking if the person is able to guess it, implying a more challenging question with a less-definite answer like "I think so" or "I'm not sure".

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