As a schoolboy, when we did not have access to staplers or paperclips, we would fold down the corner of the paper and tear a small notch in the fold with our fingers in order to keep papers together.

What is the term which describes this technique ?

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Here they call it, nick and fold:

  • Every so often, you need to keep papers together in proper order, but a stapler or clip can't be found. This nick-and-fold technique keeps up to 15 sheets together, and requires only the use of your fingers.

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There may be other colloquial terms for this ad hoc way of keeping a few sheets of paper together, but I’ve always heard it termed dog ears or dogeared. It may be imprecise, since the diagonally folded over corner of a book page, whether by accident or design, can also be called a dog ear, but no one thought to call it “dog ear with torn tab.”

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