I'm trying to translate some text from Chinese to English. For some certain circumstances, abbreviation for words are needed.

Here are the words need to be shortened: Scout, Stealth, Stamina, Firepower, Armor, Lethal, Accuracy, Critical, Penetrate, Ricochet

All of words mentioned above need to be abbreviated to less than 4 letters. Any suggestion?

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I'm going to assume that this is for some sort of game. I'm going to further assume that the players will understand what the shortened forms will represent based on the context of their use.

As you can only use three letters, the only logical system is to simply take the first three letters of each word.

Luckily, using the first three letters results in each being unique (Ste versus Sta, for example).

  • I would change Sta to Stm, as it makes it harder to confuse the two. Lower case e and a can look quite similar at first glance, whereas m is more different. Jun 15, 2018 at 9:08

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