I've been wondering this for a time, especially in moments when I would like to use this mystery word. You can say someone exhibits "solidarity", but what is the adjective for someone who does as part of their nature? I keep wanting to just use something like in the title above, namely: "solidary", "solidaritous", or "solidarious", but I know these don't exist (my spellcheck confirms it). I'm guessing there is a word with another stem that expresses the concept, and for sure I am aware of the word "loyal" being along those lines, but it doesn't quite express the same thing. So, is there a word for this? There is in Spanish, but the closest translation I see is "sympathetic", but that's definitely not the same intensity as the word "solidarity" would require.

  • The right word is solid. If your group's got solidarity, it's solid. Jun 27 at 19:11

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solidary does exist. Maybe it just isn't included in your spellcheck.

But coming back to your question, there is also a word for having solidarity: solidaric

  • Interesting.` Solidary` in that same Merriam-Webster link does indeed show up, it makes sense that my spellcheck wouldn't have it, since it seems to be a legal term. And solidaric! Nice find! Ugly word, but it's what I was looking for, thanks!
    – insaner
    Jun 15, 2018 at 6:03

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