Your energy usage will be available in

  • near real time
  • near-real time
  • near real-time
  • near-real-time

on your mobile.

Which is/are correct?

[Google Ngram]

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Wikipedia seems to suggest the third option is correct, near real-time.

While hyphenation is often arbitrary, I would suggest to follow the established usage in this case.

Having said that, in the same paragraph it also uses near-real-time:

...a near-real-time display depicts...

Here near real-time is used as a modifier of display, so the hyphenation clarifies that it is one unit, rather than, say, a near-real time display

  • That difference would be because the "near real-time" case is correct where it is used as a noun phrase, which is what the question was asking about. If you use it as a compound adjective, however, as in "a near-real-time display", then it's a triple-hyphenated-word. Er, I mean, a triple-hyphenated word. Commented Sep 4, 2020 at 5:34

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