What is a single word for "lack of accountability?"

I'm thinking unorganised, but something is telling me that I'm trying to describe something else when I use that word.

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I might think of dereliction (of duty).

dereliction (ODOL)
2 (dereliction of duty) The shameful failure to fulfil one's obligations.


One obvious option would be unaccountability; but without more context it is not possible to decide what the best one would be.

Here is an article in the Marine Pollution Bulletin that uses the word in its headline talking about the lack of accountability for spillage of plastic pellets into waterways.

And here is another one about a misbehaving footballer from the RealSport website.



free and loose in form or manner: such as

a : heedless of social norms or niceties · the raider style of his freewheeling father —Garry Wills

b : not repressed or restrained · freewheeling promiscuity · a freewheeling competitive spirit

c : not bound by formal rules, procedures, or guidelines · a freewheeling investigation

d : loose and undisciplined : not defensive · a freewheeling style of hockey


The first word that came to mind as a broad cover for "a lack of accountability" is apathy. "Apathy suggests a puzzling or deplorable inertness or lack of passion,..." Apathy: Merriam-Webster

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