I'm looking for a word or a phrase to use when I start talking to/chatting with someone expert in some field, he doesn't know me or know me a little, but we never chatted with each other. I want to ask him a question related to the field he is experienced at. it's like:

Excuse me for jumping over you inbox , but I think you are the best one who can help me in this...

but I don't think "jumping over" is the correct phrase, as I invented it

  • "Excuse me for arriving unannounced in your inbox, but...." – UserEpsilon Jun 7 '18 at 20:59

"out of nowhere" or "out of the blue" can sometimes work, although they are more frequently used for the other person to describe your contact.

"Hey, I apologize for contacting you out of the blue, but my name is John Doe I live two blocks away on Elm Dr. I've seen you using a tall extension ladder. Could I ask a favor to borrow the ladder for a few hours Sunday ? I'd hope I could return a favor in the future."





  1. to avoid having to comply with (something) especially through cleverness • employees who try to circumvent the company's dress code

  2. to avoid by going around • circumvented the traffic jam by taking an alternate route


Some others you might consider are bypassing, leapfrogging, sidestepping

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