How is the word 'recursion' pronounced?

Oxford learner's dictionary lists it with /rɪˈkɜː(r)ʃn/ but Google serach shows /rəˈkərZHən/. never heard the later one anywhere else.


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Words ending in -rsion tend to be pronounced with /ʒ/ in American English for some reason, but they can also be pronounced with /ʃ/, and that seems to be the standard pronunciation in other parts of the world.

Teflpedia says

Several words are pronounced either with /ʒ/ or with /ʃ/. In most cases the difference is regional, with General American preferring /ʒ/ and Received Pronunciation preferring /ʃ/. [...]

/ʃ/,BrE /ʒ/ or /ʃ/AmE

  • cashmere, coercion
  • ending in "rsion": aversion, conversion, dispersion, excursion, immersion, perversion, version

I hadn't known before that some American English speakers apparently use /ʒ/ in "cashmere" and "coercion".

  • Thanks, As Oxford Learners Dictionary showed with /ʃ/ for both BrE and AmE. So I was confused. Apparently, pronunciation with /ʃ/ sounds more common.
    – darshanz
    Jun 5, 2018 at 13:09

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