Greetings to all of you I have the next question

I have these two sentences: My life was safe with the love you gave to me


you now feel free to spit your sins to me

Is the use of the infinitive "to" correct or should I use: Gave me and spit me?


As a comment already pointed out, this is not infinitive to, it is simply preposition. You do not need the preposition for "gave me", but "spit me" is not common, and may cause someone to think me is the thing being spit.

It is interesting word choice to say "spit to me", as the phrase is nearly always "spit at me", but with this word choice, the sentence seems more poetic in a way. Spitting sins to me sounds much less aggressive than spitting sins at me, but I see no reason why one could not spit something to someone.

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