Is there a single-word term that expresses 'one set of rules/principles for me, and another for everyone else'? I.e. the opposite of universalising your principles, and what is implied by authoritarianism.

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    I simply call it hypocrisy. – Bread Jun 3 '18 at 13:14
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    I disagree. Although I see why you say it. – Rob F Jun 3 '18 at 13:17
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    Maybe elitism? – FumbleFingers Jun 3 '18 at 13:41
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    If you looked at a few dictionary definitions for 'hypocrisy', you would see why the word is at least hypernymically correct. You need to give some of these definitions, explaining why you'd prefer a different term (one more precise, say). – Edwin Ashworth Jun 3 '18 at 13:45
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    the OP can if he wishes answer his own question. – lbf Jun 3 '18 at 14:20

Authoritarianism is often associated with the word 'unfairness' as in the following examples : "Authoritarian rulers today seek to fix outcomes well before election day through laws and policies that embed unfairness…" ; "For one who railed against unfairness when out of office, X needs to curb this tendency toward authoritarianism."

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