I'm working to upgrade my resume with some recent contractual software development I've done. I was the lead developer on a project with a small team, so while my main responsibility was writing code for the project, I also would like to highlight my organizational efforts in adhering to Agile/Scrum processes. Something along the lines of:

Software Development Lead (Contract)

  • Designed intuitive web interface for ...
  • Developed responsive and scalable backend service using ...
  • "Effectively acted as" Project Manager/Scrum Master by ...

I don't want to give the impression that I was actually hired as a project manager, however. I'm looking for a strong verb or verb phrase to replace "effectively acted as" which conveys the fact that I (successfully) assumed the responsibilities of the role while not officially holding the role's title. I thought of "performed duties of Project Managed/Scrum Master by...", but this still feels too clunky and I'd prefer something more eloquent.

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    Although I wouldn't recommend it for a resume, you could say that you did double duty as something else. Another phrase is that you were seconded to another role. Or, if outside of your pay, you volunteered to do something. Jun 3, 2018 at 1:28
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    But, to paraphrase what you wrote in your question, you could simply put acted as and leave out "effectively" altogether. Somebody who reads "effectively" can take it as a negative comment about the person actually in the role. (Without using "effectively," it's assumed that the role was temporarily vacant.) Jun 3, 2018 at 1:30

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I would consider using the term, provisional.


provisional (adj.) "as a temporary arrangement for the present," c. 1600, from provision (n.) + -al (1), or else from Middle French provisionnal (15c.), from Old French provision. The notion is of something that will "provide for present needs."

Related: Provisionally.

  • Provisional Project Manager/Scrum Master by ...
  • Acted provisionally as Project Manager/Scrum Master by ...

I would suggest the Latin term de facto (MW adjective definition 1)

actual; especially : being such in effect though not formally recognized

  • has become the movement's de facto spokesperson

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