I have this thing that when someone holds something out into air from the high places i think of it dropping. Whenever someone hold their phone out from the 3ed floor for example i start panicking. I CANT LOOK. it can be anything. A water bottle, a rock or maybe if they just slightly Lean against the railing... What is this?? A phobia?


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batophobia wiktionary

> The fear of high objects or of high objects falling down

Who knew? lol It likely mean to fall down upon one's self though.


Many people are afraid of heights but the term acrophobia is used to mean rather more - the body starts to react physically. But you are not at a height yourself.

This page: Health Check: why are some people afraid of heights? says:

When faced with heights or anticipating them, their sympathetic nervous system is aroused, as if preparing the body for an emergency. This arousal helps either approach or escape from a threat (commonly known as the fight-or-flight response).

In your case it seems to be the anticipation of the danger and not the danger itself, so the term acrophobia may well apply to your experience.

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