I'm trying to get my head around this phrase. The full sentence is as follows:

It might sound dismissive to sum up Dead Island Riptide as just "more Dead Island," but that's exactly what it is. This is the sort of follow-up that's bigger than an expansion pack but far lesser in scope than a true sequel; it simply feels like a full-length game's worth of additional content shoved into the previous game's framework.

Does it mean something like "it feels like a full-length game that might well have been additional content"?

(please correct my mistakes, I'd be very grateful)

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    It sounds to me as though the developers of Dead Island have marketed Dead Island Riptide as a new game but the reviewer feels that, rather than produce a genuinely new game with novel aspects (perhaps a large cave system which did not exist in the original, a hurricane or earthquake which changes the environment or an attack on the player and his virtual crewmates by another crew) they have replaced most of the content of the original with slightly different challenges along the same lines as the original. I'm guessing, I'm not into computer games. – BoldBen Jun 2 '18 at 8:18

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