I'm going to give my IELTS test soon, I've been in confusion for 15 mins. Please check out this reading passage: enter image description here

And this is the question which is causing problems: enter image description here

I'm not able to locate its answer in the passage. All I know is that it is somewhere in the paragraph 2, line 3. Except A, all other options are not the events occurred in 1870. The confusion is the sense in which option A is written. Please explain this.


enter image description here

Another confusion in this question, according to me, it should be "A".... Because the passage talks about Thomas Prest..not Sweeney Todd


The website that you're referring has different option of the same question now.enter image description here

So I think your answer is correct and with updated option, it should be option "D".

Regarding your second question, if you read the below paragraph from that site, especially the line that I highlighted. According to that your answer 'A' is correct.

The Sweeney Todd story also made its way into musicals and comedies. Controversy still exists over whether Thomas Prest’s character was based on a real person. No records of a barber shop on Fleet Street, or a barber named Sweeney Todd have been found, though Thomas Prest was known for getting his inspiration from “The Old Bailey” of the London Times, a section devoted to real-life horror stories.

I would suggest you to avoid that site and spend time elsewhere.

Suggestion: ieltsliz.com

P.S: I'm not associated in any way with suggested site.

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