This post is inspired by the post What's the noun for “synchronous”?

Responses to the linked post were quite varied, with responses including: synchrony, synchroneity, synchronism, synchronousness, and synchronicity.

I've noticed that we struggle to turn some words (such as synchronous) into different parts of speech in English (e.g., noun <-> adjetive).

In some of these instances, many approaches (some valid, some not) seem to work (or at least roll off our tongues easily enough).

My Question:

What is the origin/etymology of the various approaches to convert parts of speech?

Are there actual generalizeable rules?

  • (I assume, if so, these vary by language of origin...)

Perhaps, for sake of question scope, just focus on converting adjectives to nouns or even focus just on the suffixes listed above for the various (right or wrong) nouns for synchronous.

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