In my view, children and adults cannot be seen as identical in the eyes of the law, and therefore age must be taken into account when punishing offenders.

As and is a coordinator and therefore is a conjuctive adverb, and these two kinds of words to link sentences in different ways. Can they coexist in this sentence?

  • 'X is true and Y must be done' perhaps doesn't demand causality (the causality of a necessary response), and is probably better rephrased, but 'X is true and therefore Y must be done' doesn't seem to present any problems at all (from a language perspective). The 'and' is totally idiomatic before 'therefore'; if omitted, a semicolon or dash (or a full stop) would be required. Look up "and therefore" on the internet to see how commonly used the string is. – Edwin Ashworth May 31 '18 at 8:42

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