In an academic paper, while describing an organization being not the only example of its kind, I used a sentence like: This organization was not a one-off. However, I feel like it sounds too colloquial. Is there a better, more formal way to say it? Thank you...

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    It would help for you to describe the sense in which one-off (or its substitute) is to be applied. For example, if it was 'spin-offs from a parent company', you might say "This organisation was not the only subsidiary/etc", whereas if it was 'company that earned a lot of money' you might say "This organisation was not the only success story".
    – Lawrence
    May 25 '18 at 10:09

Unique would seem to fit the bill.


Outlier may fit the context better:

"The organization was not an outlier"


What about "Organizaion XYZ is no freak of nature/chance; there are many more that belong to its tribe" or "Organization XYZ is only one exemplar of its type; there are many companies kindred to it"? I think this really depends on the context - you will have to decide whether it suits the discipline - social science, or management or other such .

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    Why the downvotes? Please explain. Nov 16 '21 at 1:39
  • Freak of Nature is at least as colloquial as One Off. Probably not the best choice for an academic paper.
    – EllieK
    Nov 16 '21 at 18:16

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