I'm translating an episode of a TV series called "Sons of Anarchy". In a scene (where business partners have a meeting):

A: "Quinn showed us some Red Woody rough cuts. Business is good."

B: Beats cranking a wrench, huh?

I want to ask what the word "rough cuts" here means? And what does the sentence "Beats cranking a wrench" mean?

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A: The bikers made porn videos to support their club. The initial filmings of such were the rough cuts awaiting editing and their business was named Red Woody, pun intended.

B: beats cranking a wrench = beats working (cranking say, a plumber's wrench) for a living!

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    I am afraid you have confused rough cut with dailies (or rushes). – michael.hor257k Sep 22 '18 at 17:00

In filmmaking, rough cut is an intermediate stage of the editing process (after initial assembly and before final cut).

The rough cut is the first stage in which the film begins to resemble its final product. The term originates from the early days of filmmaking when film stock was physically cut and reassembled, but is still used to describe projects that are recorded and edited digitally. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rough_cut

The rough cut is the first true edit and is the stage in which you start to display your craft as more than a technical exercise. At this stage, it is no longer about solely discovering and organizing footage, it’s about storytelling and crafting a message, using the footage from production as a foundation to achieve the director’s vision.

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