I am writing an analytical essay but don't know what expressions I can use instead of

it shows when or it can be seen when

Are there any phrase or words I can use instead?

I am analysing a book and I don't really know how to vary the expressions in my writing when I want to analyse certain situations in the story. For example, how else could I say,

It shows when the character...


Here are a couple alternatives that come to mind:

  1. evident (or evinced by)

    The character's complete lack of basic human morals is evident in/evinced by his mistreatment of the homeless man.

  2. apparent (in)

    The narrator loses the will to live when he learns of his father's death. This is apparent in his notable change in tone and sudden loss of interest in his work.

  3. conveyed (by or through)

    The main character's thoughts are scattered. This is conveyed through the author's use of numerous run-on sentences and ellipses.

  4. suggest(s)

    The protagonist lies when the police officer asks him about his involvement in the shooting. This suggests he is hiding something—even from the readers.


is manifest TFD

Clearly apparent to the sight or understanding; obvious.

As in:

The character's hunger is manifest as he eats the apple.


A few other ways of saying "The character's hunger shows/can be seen when he eats an apple" are:

  • The character's hunger is apparent when he eats an apple.
  • The character's eating an apple reveals/highlights his hunger to the reader.
  • The character's hunger is illustrated by his eating an apple.

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