I want some words or phrases that describe overtaking car or cars, like in a race. I've heard "make up places" in Top Gear and have been wondering about other ways to say it.

  • 'out in front' 'in first place' 'leading the pack'
    – Nigel J
    Commented May 19, 2018 at 18:52

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Gain the lead: to take the winning position in a race or competition Her car has gained the lead. Our team gained the lead in the eighth inning.

—often used figuratively: Their company has gained the lead in developing this new technology.

Merriam Webster


Move up

He'll move up to second place if he can pass Jimmy Jones.


He's gained four places in the last ten laps.

  • leave behind
  • pull ahead of
  • go by
  • overtake

All of these are some synonyms for pass

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