I was wondering if there is another phrase that has the same meaning as 'more than meets the eye'? I have an assignment discussing picture books and my friend told me about this phrase, but I don't want to copy her. I say:

'Dust has many visual literacy elements, one page that is a good example of this is page seven..."

  • You need to mark 'Dust' as a title using italics or quotes, and replace the comma after 'elements' with something more heavy-duty (I'd use a new sentence). Commented May 12, 2018 at 9:53

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The book has hidden depths.

From ODO:

hidden depths PHRASE

Admirable but previously unnoticed qualities.

‘hidden depths and insights within children’


tuck away TFD

Hidden, either intentionally or incidentally by elements in the surrounding area

As in:

Tucked away in this book are ...

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