Once an examination is over and the answer sheets have been evaluated, my university offers a session for the students to verify their marks by discussing it with the evaluators, by that way the students are convinced that they got fair marks. Of-course students can come forth and get their marks corrected if an answer is not evaluated well.

My question is - What is such a session called? Here it is popularly known as crib session, but while googling, I didn't see that word used in the aforementioned context.


In my Canadian high school and university, we refer to this as 'Exam Review', or 'Final Grade Review'.

By definition review is the best word for the described situation

Review: A formal assessment of something with the intention of instituting change if necessary.

I am also aware that some universities call this 'Exam Viewing' as well, which is quite self explanatory, it allows one to see their exam.

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