The question popped up in my mind when I got a vacation after almost 3 years and I had a chance to retrospect. In a broad sense, I have the following classification of experiences: The cherished memories, the significant events:

  • The times spent with the fast friends

  • Excursions in Nature

  • Books and travel

(Now) Insignificant, barely recallable events:

  • Visiting plush restaurants and hanging out with people who were sort of 'temporary'

  • Unpleasant situations at the workplace

  • Worrying about petty problems and outcomes

What phrases can I use to tersely describe these two sets of experiences e.g: Suppose I try to pen down what I have written above (the types of experiences): When I retrospect the past 3 decades of my life, I had two sets of experiences - |phrase for set-1, the ones that are sort of 'permanent'| and |phrase for set-2, they came as per the changes in the age but haven't lasted longer to become a memory or make a difference|.

I apologize if the question sounds vague but haven't been able to pen my thoughts precisely

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experiences of permanence ... and those of ephemerality

permanence TFD

The quality or condition of being permanent; permanency.


Lasting for a markedly brief time:


Retrospect as a verb is so rare it doesn’t show up in a * retrospect Google NGram search.

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