When I tried to write research paper about robotics, I felt confused in choosing these 3 words. For example, I want to write that I use mobile robot in exploring room and creating map of that room as following. Which one should I use?

"Do exploration and mapping of the room by Mobile Robot."

"Do exploration and mapping of the room using Mobile Robot."

"Do exploration and mapping of the room with Mobile Robot."

They sound different in my feeling but deeply look into the meaning I think they're the same. Am I wrong?

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    I take it this is from some kind of advertisement. A little more context would be helpful. If there's a problem, it seems to be as much with 'Do exploration' as it is with the following word. Oct 6, 2011 at 7:28
  • What I try to do is to write research paper about robotics. My research is about exploration and I create some new algorithm to control the robot to do exploration. When I wrote the paper I feel confused which one I should use.
    – A-letubby
    Oct 9, 2011 at 8:05

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By doesn't have the right meaning for this situation. With could work, but it sometimes connotes along with, as in with a companion, which is not the case. Using is the best bet, since that connotes using a tool, which is what we want. Also, do exploration is clunky, and sounds wrong. Explore means the same thing, but sounds much more natural:

Explore using Mobile Robot.

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