Skimming through the following article on Guardian I stumbled upon the following sentence:

So if someone asked “What’s your space?” and you had a deeply unfashionable job like, say, writer, it behooved you to say “I deliver eyeballs like a fucking ninja”.

What exactly does it mean to deliver the eyeballs in this context?

Thanks in advance


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 When people say "deliver eyeballs like a fucking ninja," they mean, "I'm can get a quarter-million people to look at your website." Obviously, that means quite something different than carving peoples' eyes out, after which they won't be able to see any websites.


eyeballs [ plural ] [Cambridge Dictionarry]1

​ > MARKETING the number of people who watch a particular television

channel or visit a particular website:


Our xyz firm will guarantee to deliver the eyeballs to you website twice what you currently experience.

  • Strictly speaking, it should be twice the number of viewers (or very nearly so).
    – TonyK
    May 15, 2020 at 9:21

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