She has 5 headphones but she does not like to share even though we live under the same roof.

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    selfish ? mean? – Centaurus Apr 18 '18 at 14:36
  • Very likely a hoarder. – Hot Licks Apr 18 '18 at 22:25
  • I don’t share headphones even though I’m general pretty generous. I don’t share headphones because I think of them as a personal item, so I’m too particular or even squeamish. Was headphones just a ‘for instance’, or is the question literally about headphones? – Spagirl Apr 19 '18 at 8:26

That kind of person is - stingy. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/stingy https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/stingy


Words like "miserly" and "possessive" describe this trait in a person.




An apt term would be penurious. As the second definition in Merriam-Webster's dictionary shows:

2 : given to or marked by extreme stinting frugality (https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/penurious).

However, the example given could be more a case where the person in question is simply paranoid, or 'grossed out', by the prospect of someone else's hair/oils/DNA what have you being in contact with their own ears after usage.

  • penurious to me implies that a person is unwilling to give because of penury, in other words aren't well off. – Zebrafish Apr 19 '18 at 4:03


  1. Serving one's own interests, especially without concern for the needs or interests of others.
  2. Exhibiting concern solely for one's own interests

American Heritage Dictionary

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