Is there English equivalent of marathi phrase

Dhoghanchya bhandnya madhe (Fight between both) tisryacha fayda (will yield third's (outsider's) profit).

If two friends fight the third outsider will take away with the prize shield. So the wisdom says you should not fight with each other over something in front of third party otherwise the third party will feign as arbitrator and flee away with the bounty. I suppose there is a fairy tale which i don't recollect probably about a crow if i am not wrong.

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I had to think immediately of

While two dogs are fighting for a bone, a third runs away with it.

Oxford reference has a reference to Chaucer for this.

wiktionary also has an entry.

It doesn't seems to be a very common expression in English, although in my mother tongue it is very well known. See also this BBC thread for some more international examples.

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