I am writing a software module that takes polygons and either inflates them or deflates them based on user input (i.e. if the user supplies 0.5 as input, the polygon is deflated to half of its size, whereas if they supply 1.5. it is inflated to 150% of its size). I'm having trouble naming this module, because I want it to be obvious what it does, but the only name I can think of (PolygonInflaterOrDeflater) feels like too much of a mouthful, even for software lexicon. Maybe a bit redundant, somehow, too... Anti-redundant, if that's a thing). Furthermore, there are other parts of the software that are named according to its function, such as attemptPolygonInflationOrDeflation which I feel suffer from the same problem. Is there a term that would obviously cover "Inflation" and "Deflation" simultaneously? I'm racking my brain and I can't think of one.

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  • 'Enlargement'. This is defined using scale factors less than one as well as greater than one. And even for negative scale factors. Apr 15 '18 at 19:03
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Resize. A polygon is two-dimensional and both inflation and deflation suggest 3-dimensions. Resize covers everything, even n-dimensions. So, in pseudo-code:

Polygon1.Resize(0.5); // Deflation
Polygon2.Resize(2.3); // Inflation

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