I'm trying to write an "About Us" page of a blog, where I'm facing issue of using multiple ands and commas. I don't know if it's correct grammar or not. Can I use the following sentence? Is it correct?

We analyze, review, compare and discuss the latest trends, releases and popular topics.

Use of multiple ands here seems a bit odd to me.


They are not "multiple" ands -- they appear in separate clauses -- that's fine by grammar.

Parse it this way:

We (analyze, review, compare and discuss) the (latest trends, releases and popular topics.)


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    I'd call it a single clause with multiple verbs and multiple nouns. (Although, from a "conceptual" point of view, I suppose you could could argue it's the concatenation of twelve separate clauses—but I don't think it can normally be analyzed that way.) However, how you parsed it is definitely useful. – Jason Bassford Apr 13 '18 at 19:20
  • @JasonBassford Oh yes, verb-phrase, noun-phrase, rather, not clauses. – Kris Apr 16 '18 at 13:36

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