Latvian has the word autorkoncerts, translated in the Latvian-English dictionary as one composer's concert. Russian has the phrase авторский концерт, which literally means 'author's concert'.

Is there an equivalent word or phrase in English for a concert during which the compositions of only one composer are played, parallel to the solo recital for vocal/instrumental performances?

(To be used on a poster alongside the Russian Авторский концерт.)

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    I'd just call it a [one composer's name] concert. But I see that Google Books has dozens of instances of single composer recitals, which kinda suggests Anglophones don't have a single-word term for such things. Apr 11, 2018 at 17:32

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A concert dedicated to a single composer is called an all-[composer] concert or program(me):

BSO Conductor Emeritus Bernard Haitink leads the final series of the 2017-18 season, an all-Brahms program featuring beloved pianist Emanuel Ax in the composer's monumental Piano Concerto No. 2.

A unique collaboration between three star performers for an all-Beethoven programme. Concerto for Piano, Violin, Violoncello and Orchestra in C major.

The Carthage College Chamber Orchestra presents an all-Beethoven concert at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 8.

From an all-Bach concert they gave last week at the Brooklyn Museum in New York, the members of the St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble perform the Trio Sonata in C minor, S. 526 …

This construction is not limited to composers:

The Rivers Symphony Orchestra will be presenting a night of all-Baroque music from Handel, Telemann, Manfredini, Torelli and ...

The 7th International Pharos Contemporary Music Festival opens on Friday 2 October 2015 with an all-percussion concert by the renowned Dutch percussion group Slagwerk Den Haag (SDH).

Posters and other publicity might bill such concerts as An Evening of [composer]:

The Southern Crescent Symphony Orchestra and the Clayton State University Orchestra present: An Evening of Brahms featuring …

A composer performing or directing a concert consisting only of his/her own compositions performs or directs a concert of his/her own works:

Saint-Saëns had previously appeared at Wigmore Hall in a concert of his own works with the cellist Joseph Hollmann in 1906.

12 January, Berlin (Hotel de Rome): Paderewski's first concert of his own works.

The concert marks not only [Brian] Tyler's London debut, but his first full-length concert of his own works.


the complete or partial collection of works Uniform Titles for Music

As in:

XYZ (name of performance in Russian): featuring a partial collection of Rachmaninoff etc


In French we say "concert monographique". It seems that you can also use this word in English. https://elenatarasova.ru/en/2012/11/04/eugenie-svetlanov-is-the-composer-concert-monograph/

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