I would like to ask about verb need to. There is an example of the sentence with need verb: 1. Standards need to be followed.

I wonder if there is a possibility to write a sentence this way: 2. Standards which are needed to be followed.

or even with skip the words "which are" 3. Standards needed to be followed

Is the sentence "standards needed to be followed" correct? I would like to write that there are some standards that are required to be followed, that e.g. company have to follow the standards. I put in that I would like to write this sentence in my master thesis.

  • 'We need people to uphold these standards' would seem to license 'standards which are needed to be followed' (after all, 'standards which are required to be followed' is acceptable). But 'need' is a tricky verb (or verbs!), and the garden-path or even ambiguous nature of the passivised form probably means that it is best avoided. There seems to be just one example of 'which are needed to be followed' on the internet, in a Wikipedia article. Ten for 'which are required to be followed'. And 3.8 million for 'which have to be followed'. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 9 '18 at 9:24

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