Which of the following sentences would be correct?

  1. "Your attitude and work ethic reflect your desire to succeed."
  2. "Your attitude and work ethic reflects your desire to succeed."

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It's a matter of opinion. If the implied meaning is: [Your attitude] and [your work ethic] -- then it should be reflect, to make the verb agree with the compound subject.

But since the compound nature of the subject is not overtly expressed, the subject is more likely to be interpreted as being singular (although complex): Your [attitude and work ethic] -- so it may sound more natural to most people using the third person singular form of the verb: reflects.

In the first case, [your attitude] and [your work ethic] are treated as two separate issues, whereas in the latter, your [attitude and work ethic] are treated as one collective issue, conjoined by and as a coordinator meaning in addition to.

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