In other words,why Mike Judge named one of characters "Beavis"? Was there also some slang meaning or word play behind it as in "Butthead"?

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    A quick look in SheKnows.com (or in other references) turns up the fact that 'Beavis' is from the old French name 'Beauvais' meaning 'fair [of] face'. YourDictionary claims the French town of Beauvais as an intermediate step, with Bevis being the more frequent modern variant. – Edwin Ashworth Apr 7 '18 at 11:37

There was a kid in Mike Judge's neighborhood when he was growing up named Bobby Beavis, according to him in this interview. A Google search of pre-1993 books will show many examples of people with that name. There was also a kid who called himself "Iron-Butt", and one of the other kids called him "Butt-Head".

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