• When you don't respect your parents, no outsider, not even your spouse, will respect them either.
  • When you don't respect your spouse, no one, even including your own children, will respect them either.
  • When you don't respect your subordinates, no one from other departments, not even their subordinates or clients, will respect them either.
  • When you don't respect your compatriots, no other nationals will respect them either.

Is there an actual proverb or idiom or expression for the above quote?

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leading by example
setting a good example for others to follow

to act in a way that shows others how to act
Merriam-Webster Dictionary

set an example
Also,set a good or bad example. Behave in a way that should (or will) be imitated, as in Dad was always telling Bill to set a good example for his younger brother, or They were afraid of setting a bad example for the other nations.
The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary

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