This can also be applied to client-server interactions (which is what I need it for).

For example, if you (the client) send data to the server or retrieve data from the server, what is the name of the server in that instance?

Or, if the server sends data to the client or the server receives data from the client, what is the name of the client in that instance?

Both of these names should be equivalent. Basically, I'm looking for a word (or words) for the other person/entity when the two are connected.

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    Would sender and receiver not do?
    – user13141
    Commented Oct 2, 2011 at 6:42

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  • Interlocutor
  • The other computer
  • The remote computer

Besides previously-suggested sender, receiver, and interlocutor, consider respondent or other party. In current usage, correspondent apparently refers mostly to news media reporters vs. someone being communicated with. I've seen co-communicator used, and it may technically satisfy your need, but probably is not a recognized word.


To answer the title, if you are the caller, then the person you are calling is the callee. While this might be awkward in English, it's common in telecommunications discussions.


I would call it 'the sender' and 'the recipient'. Starting by saying 'the sending server' and 'the receiving server'. Then use sender and recipient.

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