Say, if the president went to a party and doesn't remember the name of the person he's talking to, his assistant whispers into his ear: "That's the prime minister of the UK, Mr. President, she did this and this and this." Is there a name for that person?


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  1. an assistant or helper, esp. a confidential one.

Of course, it’s just another word for assistant but in this context, it has the nice effect of bringing to mind the idiom aide memoire.


attaché TFD

a person officially assigned to the staff of a diplomatic mission to serve in a particular capacity: a cultural attaché; a military attaché


I'd say "advisor" is a good word. Especially if he's whispering in his ear or telling him what to do.

A person who gives advice in a particular field. ‘the military adviser to the President’
Oxford Living Dictionaries

Also spelled adviser.

I found Senior Advisor to the President

Advisor to the President: "Don't say $h!thole countries. Don't say $h!thole countries."
Trump: “Why are we having all these people from $h!thole countries come here?”


Minder (slang) an aide to someone in public life, esp a politician or political candidate, who keeps control of press and public relations


To me, at least, minder has at least some connotation that the person being minded would not be able to take care of themselves.

I'm also reminded of the flappers in Gulliver's Travels who were employed to waggle their employer's lips and eyes to save them effort when dealing with other people.

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