Is there a term for words like "said", "asked", or "replied" appearing in a dialogue?

For example:

"Where did you go," asked the turtle.

"I went to the mall," replied the rabbit.

Is there a technical term describing those words in the above dialogue?

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    These are all in the category called "Speech act verbs", which is much larger than you might suspect. Consider snap, cackle, and pipe up, for instance: "Get out!", he snapped; "I've got you now", she cackled; "I know where he went!", piped up one child. – John Lawler Mar 28 '18 at 1:03

It's the narration that accompanies the dialogue.

narration - noun - "the act or process or an instance of narrating"

narrate - verb - to speak in accompaniment of (a film, television programme, etc)

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