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(I am not a native speaker so my writing probably seems to be odd. Please understand some Non-grammar...)

I learned that "the way how" is grammatically wrong because 'the way' and 'how' have same meaning so it can stir up confusion or reduplication. And I can understand that explanation. BUT I think that if "the way how" is wrong, "the reason why" and "the time when" etc should be wrong, too. But I've NEVER heard and learned they are wrong too.

I am really really confused... I can't understand why ONLY "the way how" is grammatically incorrect (or not). PLEASE help me... ( If you think that "the way how" isn't grammatically wrong and just unnatural expression, please give me reliable phrase... I'm not a native speaker so I can't realize what is unnatural spoken expression. )

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You’re right that the way how is not acceptable. The reason is that how is not normally used as a relative word so we can’t say * This is the way how we do it. We can, though, say This is [how we do it], but the bracketed element is not a relative clause but a subordinate interrogative clause (embedded question) with the meaning "This is the answer to the question 'how do we do it?'" Note though that we can say This is the way [that we do it], where the bracketed relative clause modifies way.

But why is different. The reason [why Ed got angry] is fine. Why is a relative word here that introduces the bracketed relative clause modifying reason.

And when is also a relative word in, for example, I remember the time [when you could buy a house for less than £3,000], where it introduces the bracketed relative clause.

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